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Friday, November 11, 2005

Building A Cat Nest

Next, She'll Be Ordering Anchovy Pizza On My Visa Card

Pookie Cat, not being content with leaving a thick layer of cat fur on every horizontal upholstered surface in the house, takes advantage of time I'm out of sight in the shower to rearrange some clothes and make a little cat nest. Naturally, this nest requires lots of fur to be laid down... for comfort, I suppose.

I swear I'm singlehandedly keeping the stickytape roller people in business. It's a shame those hairless cats creep me out, they seem like they'd do well down here in the subtropics.

Pookie was most annoyed that I disturbed her slumbers. She's lucky I grabbed the camera and not the electric clippers! I've never seen a cat with a crew-cut, but I'm awfully tempted to try it sometime...