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Monday, November 14, 2005

That Just Ain't Right...

Damn Sicko Perv Comic Writers!

I forget where I found this, and it's likely taken out of context, based on just the single panel. Still, it's a sign o' the times when you look at this and think "Well, I never figured Sabrina the Teenage Witch went for that bukkake stuff!"

Seriously, what is it with bukkake? (No, no links. Use Google or Wikipedia if this is a new term and ya just gotta know.)

I mean, the 'money shot' is a given, if you happen to accidentally watch one of those evil sinful filthy adult films. Of course, your saintly host has never seen a single one! Not at all! I spend all my time in solemn prayer! OTOH, a dozen 'money shots' in close succession on the same recipient is kinda effed up, as far as I'm concerned. If that sort of thing gets you off, I'm thinking you've got some serious unresolved issues.

Then again, maybe it's just a ploy by the paper towel industry to sell more product...