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Friday, November 18, 2005

Your Honor, You're SO Busted!

I Hope She Gets Some Jail Time!

Get this...

A local Justice of the Peace gets popped for using fraudulently obtained accessible parking hangtags. Her mother used to have them legitimately, but the old lady decided to die, and Ms. J.P. Entitlement-Queen decided she didn't want to have to go back to parking with the hoi polloi.

So, she forges her dead mom's signature, files for new hangtags, and someone eventually put two and two together. She got suspended from the bench, and just got found guilty of tampering with official state documents.

Wait... it gets better!

After launching the usual smokescreens of "it's a conspiracy by people with dirty hands" and "It was perpetrated by disgruntled ex-employees", the best one comes out during the punishment phase of the trial.

Turns out she told the Grand Jury that she was actually conducting an undercover sting operation on the employees at the Harris County office that issues the applications.

Heh. Add perjury to your list of accomplishments, Your "Honor".

She's eligible for up to two years in the pokey, but judges hate to turn on one of their own. My guess is she'll end up with probation, lose her seat permanently (convicted felon, ya know...) and then write a tell-all book blaming it all on Bush, Rove and/or bloggers. After all, it worked for Mary Mapes.