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Friday, November 18, 2005

Ammo Day Bonus Buy Unveiled!

Y'all Have The Sleuthing Urge Of A Banana Slug...

I promised I'd reveal my National Ammo Day Bonus Buy this weekend, and since I'm on the road on Ammo Day tomorrow, y'all get it a day early!

I posted a couple of teasers, trying to see if anyone could guess the make & model in return for fame and cheap trinkets. Only one person got in the ballpark, a dude named Dinklemeyer guessing a side by side scattergun. Ballpark gets ya fame, Dink, not goodies! For the prize I needed at least the maker!

I purchased a Stoeger Coach Gun in the very manly Gauge of 12 from Collector's Firearms here in Houston. I talked about buying one way back in March, and saved up my pocket change and small bills ever since then.

Here it is! Ain't it cute?

I sold my only shotgun a couple of years back and needed another one to replace it. I've never been much of a bird hunter, so I bought this one planning to use it for Cowboy Action Shooting and goblin repellent. Heck, I may even try to shoot a duck with it, if I can coax one inside arm's reach.

One barrel's got Improved Cylinder choke built in, the other barrel's got Modified choke. Of course, that means precisely doodly-squat when the barrels are only 20 inches long. If I can put 50% of the pellets inside a barn door at 30 yards, I'll be shocked. I foresee very few pellets smaller than #1 Buck getting launched outta this shotgun, unless I'm doing the Cowboy Shoots, where you gotta use #4 or smaller shot.

Fit & finish is acceptable. There's some "variations" in the satin nickel finish in a couple of spots, and the metal/wood fit is pretty good for a gun in this price range.

Two things sold me on this particular one. First, it fit. Very few times have I pulled a shotgun off a rack and have it fit perfectly when I bring it up to my shoulder. Usually I get the heel of the shotgun butt snagging in my armpit, or the forearm is too far out for comfort. This one feels like it was custom made for me.

Second, the English (straight) stock. Always been a favorite with me. This one really needed a splinter fore-end instead of the beavertail, but with the short barrels, it's not a weight issue, just aesthetics!

So, there it is! This year's Ammo Day Bonus Buy!