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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas To All!!

And A Long Road For El Capitan...

I'm packing my Caddy, and checking it twice,
'bout to drive out into the snowfall and ice...
Santa Cap is driving to Kyle!

OK, there's not really any snow predicted. I took a bit of poetic license there!

I'm gonna drop in on the party over at The Cisco Kid's place up in far north Houston, then excuse myself about 9pm to shoot over to San Marcos for a late night Xmas Slurpee. Then I'll wind my way outside of SM up into Kyle, TX where my BIL and sister ought to just be getting back from midnight Mass. I'll be crashing on the couch (and be covered in hound dogs, more than likely) to await the morning and my nephew Sammy's first Xmas. My folks have already been there for days, dumping the majority of their IRA accounts into geegaws for the grandkid, as is their solemn grandparental duty!

Xmas day I'll head back to Houston around 3-ish, in order to get back in time for the annual party over at the Happy H***** Home, where all my high school cronies that still infest Houston wind up every year.

A busy 30+ hours, it seems! Well, I'll get to sleep all day Monday!

Best wishes to you and your loved ones over the holidays!