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Monday, December 19, 2005

Mission Accomplished!

Damn, We're Good!

I'm totally stoked over our Ghost Recon tournament last night! Tie a broom to the masthead, baby! The SOG crew made a clean sweep!

I spent most of the day Saturday getting the new iMac up and running, and installing all the software and mods I'd need for the game. Big thanks go to Zippo for sending me most of it on DVDs, making the job that much easier.

I got everything tweaked down to my satisfaction, and was really enjoying that new 128 MB vidcard. It was really nice to set all the graphics settings up to the max, and still get framerates in the 45-60 frames per second range. The level of detail is astonishing.

Sunday evening we inserted into the scenario minus one member. He was the designated captive, and was whisked off at the start of the mission to be held in a guard tower. Our initial objective was to sneak up near the OPFOR camp, let one guy crawl in and boobytrap a truck, then back off and wait for the fireworks. Once the distraction pulled most of the OPFOR tangoes away from the camp, our sniper fired the one and only shot of the mission to cap the tower guard, then our captive was able to grab his gun and escape.

While that was going on, Zippo, myself and Sparrow were hauling ass to get into place on the top of a ridgeline, in order to creep in behind an OPFOR team as they ran their patrol pattern. We managed not to trip on any loose shoelaces, and Zip was able to sneak into a storage bunker and locate and acquire the nuclear bomb 'cores' that were our main objective.

As we were hightailing it back from that job, 1st squad was laying demo to cover our tracks and wreak some havoc. EVeryone made it back to extract, no KIA's, and we never broke stealth.

150 points awarded out of a possible 150! Wooohooo!

Can't wait for the next one! We may not win this tournament, but if we take the next one like we did this one, we'll be in the top 5 for sure!