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Friday, December 16, 2005

The End Of The iMac Saga?

Let's Hope So...

I finally got the replacement iMac last night. It's still in the box, was just too tired to deal with it last night. I'll play with it tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that it's not a DOA unit!

I'd thought to go get some dead cow for dinner last night, but every damn restaurant in town was just stuffed to the brim with inconsiderate people who didn't know they needed to go home and eat mac & cheese 'cause I was eating out and didn't want to wait. Bastards, all of 'em!

I kept driving down the road until I spotted a place that didn't have a line out the front door. Place called Rockfish on Westheimer. It's a weird place, kinda wanting to be a mountain cabin/wear flannel/eat grilled trout place, yet there was a good dose of Cajun and a bit of generic seafood restaurant thrown in.

I wasn't much impressed. Service was OK, and I liked the shrimp cocktail (served with fresh grated horseradish for spiking up the sauce! MMM!!!) The clam chowder was unremarkable, aside from the empty clam shell they tossed in the bowl, presumably to let me know I wasn't eating oyster chowder. The grilled shrimp were overdone and a bit chewy. The catfish filets had more cornmeal than fish, but the waffle fries with a cayenne sprinkle were a nice touch. Price was more than reasonable had the food been a bit better. Maybe I caught them on an off night. They had Key Lime pie for dessert, but I caught a glimpse of it on another table,and it was the kind with the cream/meringue layer on top. NOT a proper KLP, IMHO. Went by Beck's on the way home and scored a chocolate shake for dessert. Damned tasty stuff!

Oh, while I'm reflecting on what a disjointed post this is, I oughta let you know... Posting is likely gonna get weird and sporadic over the next few weeks, just so ya know. Lots going on, and I'm off the reservation quite a bit as well.

Now, off to lunch. I hear a taco calling my name...