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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Moping Around

Not An Atypical Weekend, Mind You..

The iMac's being shipped back to Apple to be replaced as I sit here typing away on an obsolete Powermac with barely enough processor speed to run the bare minimum web browser available these days. Blah.

I've got some form of creeping crud that migrates from my sinuses down to my lungs and back up, oozing yucky goo the entire way. It's got me coughing and wheezing pretty much constantly, with the occasional eruption of guacamole-colored ick from way down deep. This all makes sleep an unlikely proposition, so I'm starting to get woozy from being awake too long.

I've been fighting a holding action by dousing the crud with healthy doses of single malt scotch whenever the crud is in the vicinity of my throat. Kinda like tossing water on the Wicked Witch of the West. I don't know how much real effect the scotch is having on the germs, but it's putting me in a better frame of mind, that's for sure. I'll have to do a Booze Review on this stuff FlyGirl got for me (Aberlour 10 yr old) when my taste buds are in better shape. It's totally unlike any scotch I usually drink, much heavier and earthier. Very very tasty, though!

Had a terrible dream I got busted for blogging from work. I'm hoping it wasn't the prophetic sort. Still, I need to revisit my blogging habits. I've gotten way too relaxed about it in the past few months.

See y'all in a couple of days when the new replacement iMac arrives.