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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Aiyeeeee! They Got Me!

Consarned Nosy-Ass Lawyers

Damn, so close to dodging the bullet, too.

I didn't think I'd get hit with a subpoena with less than 24 hours until tomorrow morning's hearing.

WRONG!!! Process server caught up with me as I was heading to the copy machine.

Never been to a Federal Court before. I think I ought to wear my fish tie, or at the very least, my Duff-guzzling Homer Simpson tie.

Sigh. This sucks ass. OTOH, attached to the subpoena was a $50 check from the plaintiff's attorney. WTF is that about? The process server said it was a witness fee, but as a drone for The Man, I can't accept any sort of recompense or gratuity from anyone, and I'm on The Man's clock, to boot.

Shame, really. That $50 would've upgraded me to 25 yr old single malt scotch...