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Friday, December 02, 2005

Road Trip!

Hide Your Wimmen! Lock Up The Liquor!

El Capitan's hitting the road, boyz & gurlz! Goin' to San Antone to hang out in a hotel room with a married woman! We were gonna do an all-night chat party, but I can't stay awake for 36+ hours as easily as I could 10 years ago, and I also can't find my jammies with the little feet on 'em, darn the luck.

My globetrotting friend Flygirl (who I would link to, except for some perplexing reason she has not succumbed to the blog disease) has got a 14 hour layover until she gets back up into the Friendly Skies heading east, so I'm gonna head over there dark & early tomorrow morning and buy her breakfast and talk her ears off. Once she's airborne that afternoon, I'll sneak up to San Marcos and go play with my little nephew Sammy for a few hours until my sister kicks me out and I head back to Houston.

This all came about with very short notice, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to give some advance warning. It would have been nice to grab Kurt & Dash & LC Beth & possibly even the mysterious and elusive Christina for an impromptu blogfest, but this has got to be a quick there & back again adventure. There's a brand-new iMac waiting to be set up!

Hmmm... there's also a 7-11 in San Marcos that's sure to have a Slurpee waiting for me! Bonus!

I'll post some pics when I get back. I promised to try and get a close-up of Flygirl's long curly brown hair for another friend (who will go unnamed to save him embarrassment), as he has some irrational attraction to it. I'm thinking it's kinda like Burt Reynold's attraction to Demi Moore's dryer lint in 'Striptease', but I'm withholding judgement. Not quite sure how that'll play with Flygirl, but she's pretty open-minded...