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Friday, December 02, 2005

More Money Shenanigans

Never Bank At Three Stooges Savings & Loan

Apple's pulling more of their bizarre finance games. Last year, when I got Mom her eMac, I blogged about how Apple billed my account, then refunded the money, then doubled my money, then pulled it all back out just as the computer was delivered.

This time, I paid for the iMac and the AppleCare package, and they billed my account accordingly. The next day, when my order status said there was a problem, I had to clear up a bank hold that allowed the $1100+ computer purchase, but declined the $170 warranty package. Go figure.

OK, Wells Fargo's Online Fraud department was to blame for that one, but it got cleared up after a quartet of calls to Apple and WF. On goes the order!

Yesterday, after the previous day showed a completed transaction for the entire order, there was suddenly no record of any transaction with Apple taking place on my online bank account. This time they didn't add double the amount, but my account's still $1300 more than it should be. FedEx tracking shows my packages on the truck here in Houston, and heading towards the house sometime today. At least I think it does. What's up with this?

Dec 2, 2005
4:18 AM At dest sort facility HOUSTON, TX
6:28 AM At local FedEx facility HOUSTON, TX
6:31 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery HOUSTON, TX
6:52 AM At dest sort facility HOUSTON, TX

So, it's at the Houston sort shop, then at the local station, then on the truck, then... back at the main Houston facility? WTF?

I do not like this, Sam I Am. I do not like FedEx's intricate scam.
Not on my porch, not under my tree. Please, FedEx man, bring my iMac to me!

I truly don't understand why they have to play these games. Any bankers out there who might have a clue why they pull my money, then give it back, then deliver the item, then pull it again?

UPDATE: The new iMac's sitting inside my house as we speak. The money's still in my bank account. I'm sorely tempted to go pull all the money out and switch bank accounts, just to mess with Apple for playing such stupid money games.