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Monday, December 05, 2005

Getting Low On Holiday Spirit!

PB&J On Week-Old Bread Is Too Good For These People!

Well, if you ever need all your holiday spirit sucked forcibly from your body, just plan a holiday dinner for your office. I'm needing to cut a check today to the caterer, and people are still footdragging on the contributions. I'm gonna start going cube to cube and chopping off a pound of flesh from these folks pretty soon.

I already put in $25 over my own $10 "entry fee", since that's what it cost to get the caterer to deliver instead of their usual self-serve pickup. For me, it's absolutely worth the $25 just to be free of the hassles of food for 35 people spreading itself all over your car, not to mention the absolute PITA of getting all that stuff from the parking garage over to the building. I had a buddy back in high school have 5 gallons of bean soup overturn in his car as he delivered it to (IIRC) a church function. The car was dubbed "Soupbone" from then on, and you couldn't stand to ride in it in the hot summer months, in spite of repeated shampoo jobs.

What really bugs me is that my office window is on the same level as the annex rooftop that abuts this level. If I had a sliding glass door, I could put a BBQ smoker out there, and we could have a real Xmas feast for very little money, and not have to mess with caterers. Of course, I'd also get the constant stream of smokers in and out of my office so they could go pollute their lungs outdoors without having to fight elevator traffic!

Next year, it's Viking food for sure...