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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

On The Downhill Side?

A Momentary Respite From Extreme Suckitude

That light at the end of the tunnel had better not be a damned train...

No blowback from yesterday's food heist so far. I guess the caterer decided that double-billing employees of The Man wasn't a smart thing to do. After all, the health inspectors are just a speed-dial away, and they loooove anonymous phone tips of roaches in the prep area and sliiiiiime in the ice machine!.

The usual grumbling on the part of the chronically malcontent cube-dwellers was diminished by an abundance of leftovers. They'll probably start bitching 'round about July about how bad the holiday meal was, but I've got photographic proof of the same people loading up to-go plates and bowls with whatever was edible. Hell, even the turkey carcass and ham bone disappeared. I'm assuming someone wants to make a stock out of it, and not suck the bones clean in their cubicle. I could be wrong about that. Bunch of savages around here!

I think I'm about to shake this tangle with the grippe. Got a little more sleep than usual last night, probably due to mixing medications. I can't recommend everyone cure a cold by taking a slug of NyQuil, then following it up with a snifter of single malt scotch, but it's working for me. I did have to get up at 3 a.m. for an emergency dose of antacids. I'm getting a little reflux in my advancing years, but a couple of tabs of "chalk & plaster of Paris" seemed to do the trick. The nosebleeds caused by excess noseblowing and dry heated air have mostly slowed to a trickle, pun intended. I'm sort of tempted to have a doctor pave over my sinuses, and install a miniature sump pump to blow this crap out my earholes whenever it starts to back up.

Apple Computer swears that my replacement iMac is in Houston, on a FedEx truck being delivered today. The tracking number they supplied seems to confirm this. We shall see. I'm in a bit of a dilemma about what to do about the $108.25 they refunded to my account last week to make up for the slower processor on the original shipped unit. Now that I had to have the whole shebang replaced, I should be receiving the exact machine I ordered, and they really have no obligation to give me any discount at all. I personally think my inconvenience and annoyance level is worth $108.25, but they may see it differently.

In the interest of customer satisfaction, they ought to cut me a break. I'm a bit low on goodwill for the company at the moment. Amazing how 15 years of loyal patronage and support can mostly evaporate after a go-round like I've had these past 3 weeks.

I just remembered last night that the last "roll of film" I pulled off my digital camera, the pics of my trip to see FlyGirl and Sammy, were left aboard the iMac that got shipped back. Gone forever. Took most of an hour to scour every bit of personal info off that machine before packing it up, and in the process I completely forgot the iPhoto files. Oh, well. Shit happens. I'll get a decent pic of FlyGirl in another decade, I suppose.

The loss of the Sammy pics is extremely galling. Truth be told, FlyGirl will look much the same the next time I see her. (assuming she doesn't succumb to the tragedy of the hair-cutting disease, which is woefully commonplace among married women in their 30's...) Sammy's only gonna be that size for another week or so, then he'll grow some more, and that moment's gone forever. No one to blame but myself, but honestly, who backs up a week-old home computer? Hell, I hadn't even taken the plastic wrap off the mouse yet...