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Monday, December 19, 2005

Tilting To Starboard

Like Being Drunk, Only Without The Booze

Damn. My sinuses are still infested with this funky goo that refuses to go away. It's now got my ears kinda messed up, in that my inner-ear balance dinguses are getting shoved and jostled by the constant pressure changes and hydraulic shifting. So, I'm staggering about just a bit, and the world spins an extra half turn whenever I move my head too quickly. Almost enough to make me queasy if I dwell on it, but mostly I just plow ahead and do whatever needs doing. All that drinking practice in college finally paid off, it seems.

All through this, my body steadfastly refuses to warm up even one degree. It's enough of an infection to hang around for a while, yet not enough of one to spark a fever. I will say this, one benefit of being a plus-sized person is that there's a bumper crop of white blood cells always at the ready to swing into action.

On the plus side, this is a four day week, so the desk-bound torture will only go on for so long. Friday and next Monday off, then back to work Tues & Wed. following Xmas, then off that Thursday until the next Tuesday after New Years. Sweet!