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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Reunion Approacheth...

Wonder If I Can Still Open My Old Locker?

The folks still infected with traces of school spirit just announced the location of our 20th High School Reunion fiesta.

To my great dismay, it's being held at the end of July at a Dave & Buster's, a venue I swore I'd never return to after a particularly bad experience some years back. Damnation. Phlegmy Spitwads. Dirty Underdrawers.

I mean, jeezus.. look at this image from their website.

Looks like a psychotic harpy is trying to feed this Agent Smith-lookin' dude her magic neutering potion. Dude, don't drink the Cosmo. You look like a tool. The bartender's laughing AT you, not with you...

Anyone remember that old National Lampoon article called "Desperate Fun"? The one about how people pretty much give themselves an aneurysm trying to convince themselves that the time they've wasted on a tragically pointless vacation was fun and exciting? I see the looks on those faces, that's what I think. Desperate Fun.

I'd ditch this thing completely, but the organizers are some of the few friends from the old alma mater that I've managed to not completely alienate after 20 years of increasingly acerbic curmudgeonhood. Besides, it's not like I've had any hand in the planning. You sits on your tuckus, you loses the right to bitchus.

Naturally, this post will sooner or later make it back to the organizer, who no doubt will be highly pissed at me for dumping on the locale. Well, there's no way they could've known how I felt about D&B.