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Friday, September 15, 2006

Support A Budding Capitalist

Girls & Guns Generate Good Grooviness!

By way of Mad Ogre's site, I read about a little girl's problem, and her inspired solution.

Tina, age 10 and an avid shooter, wants to buy one of these:

To get the scratch, she's selling these:

That's some spiffy kind of sandbag, and I've filled a few!

Read the whole story at Mad Ogre's place, then email the girl's dad, Willie Anderson for details. Cost is around 10 bucks, plus a bit more for shipping, I'd imagine.

I heartily approve of this effort, and plan on buying at least one! Help the girl out, won't you? As an added bonus, KDT said he'd post a video performing his nekkid gun-waving-in-the-front-yard Happy Dance in return for your support. Hell, that's easily worth a sawbuck right there!