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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

It Had To Be Said

Just One Snark, And I'm Done...

OK, by now the entire world has marveled at the (alleged) offspring of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, named Suri.

If not, here they are in their glory:

My first reaction was one of restrained horror. "A female Damien, for certain!" C'mon, did no one out there see The Omen? Almost a dead ringer.

My second thought was, they had to be using The Commodore's frozen sperm and a turkey baster for the impregnation.

My final thought? That sure looks like a toupee on that little girl. It's too thick and dark to be a WASPScientologist baby's hair.

In fact, you might even say it's a Suri with the fringe on top...