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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Getting Older Sucks: Volume 118

Dealing With Proboscis Pubes Just Makes My Freakin' Day

OK, the grey hairs in the beard, I can deal. The one or two in the head (where I have any hair left...), I can deal.

I'm PO'ed beyond belief, though, that nose hair can go grey. I'm washing up in the bathroom, when I look up in the mirror and see a thin white booger starin' at me out one nostril. Can't have that saying hello to the world, so some exploratory probing was in order.

No booger. Just a white hair. OK, a quick pluck...

OUCH!!! Nothing hurts quite like yanking nose hairs. It gives you that tear-inducing flinchy pain that's almost as bad as stubbing your pinkie toe.

Of course, it eludes the first pluck. And the 2nd. And the third. Eventually, I've got a bald nostril to match my head, and still, one goddamed white hair hanging down until I finally corner the bastard.

I really need to get one of those nostril trimmers...