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Monday, October 02, 2006

Two + Two Equals?? Wait, I Know This...

I'm Surrounded By Dumbasses

I'm not very good at math. I'll be the first to admit it. It took me two tries to get through Algebra I in high school. In my 7+ years of college, I dropped Business Math and Accounting so many times, I lost count. I still find myself counting on my fingers for relatively simple sums, though I can thankfully leave my socks on for higher-level figuring.

Numbers just aren't my thing. Never have been. Nevertheless, I can grasp some simple concepts that apparently elude those gifted math whizzes that make up the bulk of this organization's accountants.

I submitted my expense report from last week's trip,and apparently, some pencil-necked pencil pusher is having issues with it.

OK, let me take this slow, Poindexter, so you can get this entered in your HP calculator using RPN.

I have a $40 per diem while traveling. No set amounts for breakfast, lunch or dinner, just $40 I can spend however I see fit. Those are YOUR rules. Y'all set 'em, not me. That means if I choose to spend $40 on Pop-Tarts and marshmallow fluff, you get to shut your yap and assume I ate them for all 3 meals. If I choose to eat at Taco Bell at 10 am for breakfast and IHOP at 3 am for dinner, you get to shut your yap and deal with my odd eating proclivities.

Finally, when I go over my $40 per diem twice, and my receipts show $43.48 & $45.23 for the two days, I DO *NOT* OWE YOU $8.71! You simply pay me the $40, and I (literally) eat the extra.

What a dumbass.