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Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Folderol

The Postest With The Mostest!

OK, got a multi-purpose post here, since I'm kind of pressed for time today.

First, thanks very much for the overwhelming (for this blog, anyway) response on the previous post. It seems we've got a split decision, with females from all walks of life differing on whether a note left on a car is sweet or creepy.

Also, thanks for the emails and phone calls offering to run the license plates of her car through the system to get the name of the registered owner. That's certainly the most efficient way to approach things discreetly, and allows me to look up the name in The Man's email list. It's definitely Big Brother-ish and pseudo-creepy, but I can live with it. No sign of the car this morning, so I'll try that option on Monday.

OK, next item...


I used my air-dry time after the morning shower to call up a list of 10 random tunes off the iTunes library. Here she be:

Nothing too cringe-inducing... Maybe the Leo Sayer tune, but I am indeed a product of the Seventies, musically speaking. Hey, one of these days Alan O'Day's "Undercover Angel" is going to appear in the Random Window, and then I'll really be mortally embarassed...

I'll skip posting lyrics in favor of a story... the Deborah Harry (aka Blondie) song 'Brite Side' was one I first heard when she was guest-starring on the TV show 'Wiseguy', about Ken Wahl as "Vinnie Terranova" doing undercover work against the Mob. I was *way* into that show and particularly that story arc about Dead Dog Records with Tim Curry and Glenn Frey.

You'd hear bits and pieces of the song during the show, but never the whole thing. It became one of those songs that would echo around in your head, resurfacing from time to time through the years.

Eventually I tracked it down on an album, not knowing the name of the tune. (There's that name thing again...) I was out CD shopping with Flygirl, and just happened across it. It's not on iTunes, so maybe you'll get lucky in a CD shop too...


I knew this was coming, just not today...

I did better than last year. The scale runs from "Unacceptable" to "Needs Improvement" to "Acceptable" to "Strong", topping out at "Outstanding". I'm pretty deep in the Strong category, within reaching distance of Outstanding, but I doubt I'll make it. I just don't have the proper mentality of a gummint "worker", having spent too many years in the private industry. I try to get things done, and this often steps on people's feelings and toes. F'rinstance, most of my downchecks were in the areas of "is cognizant of co-worker's feelings and attitudes". C'est la vie...

OK, gotta run for a meeting. Back later if I have time...