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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's About F#(%!^& Time!

You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

People promise to send 'kudos' letters all the time, they just rarely follow through.

Out of nowhere, I get two in one day...

Take a peek: (edited for anonymity)

I just wanted to compliment (El Capitan) on the seminar today.

I had been dreading a seminar where the discussion was focused on legal ramifications without common sense language or situations.

The seminar was one of the best training experiences I've ever experienced.

(El Capitan) made the group feel comfortable, was clear & concise, explained the subject thoroughly, and gave many options for more information.

I was frankly amazed at the level of participation from the group and feel confident that everyone walked away having learned something in addition to the major points.

With grace and poise he deftly tackled an often uncomfortable and awkward topic.

Thanks so much!!

Adoring Fan, with Professional Letters After the Name

Supervising BigWig, Large-Sized Department

The Man's Big Happy Family, The "We Build Stuff" Division

And this one...

Dear (El Capitan's Boss),

Attached are the Sign-In Sheets for yesterday's training sessions. By the way, (El Capitan) did a great job. Several people (including our Assistant Director) commented very favorably on his presentation.

Thank you,

Another Adoring Fan, Training Coordinator

The Man's Big Happy Family, The "We Build Stuff" Division

That ought to brace up my Annual Review score just a bit...