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Monday, April 16, 2007

No Post On Monday!

Well, No *Good* Post, anyway...

Not much up to any quality posting, friends and neighbors. Stuck here at work until my ride home can pick me up at 8:30 pm, but I bet it'll be closer to 9pm. Beggars can't be bitchers...

I coulda done the METRO thing, and gotten within a mile or so of home, but I'm doubtful my ankles and knees would stand up to a mile of our effed-up sidewalks.

My post from Saturday on which I worked so long and hard is now somewhat inappropriate due to the tragedy in Virginia. Sorry, no crystal ball on this end. Didn't see that one coming...

One bright speck of good news, the mechanic says that the transmission damage wasn't anything out of the ordinary, just 113K miles of wear & tear. The rebuild should get me through until the headgaskets blow or the differential falls off. Still cost $1500 bux for the fix, however.

Mom swooped into the rescue for the blogfest. She's gonna give me an early B-Day present and pay for my hotel room for the blogfest next month. Yay, Mom! I still gots to come up with the scratch for meals and gas, but I imagine I can swing that. I might be smuggling in a peanut butter sammich to wherever we eat Saturday night.

Never fear, bloggers... I'll dig myself outta this financial pit just in time to fall headlong into another one.