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Thursday, April 05, 2007

No, That's *NOT* Everything I've Read!

The Post Where My Head Asplodes

Hey, regarding that last book post, and the comments it's generating...

I've read many many many many MANY more books than are listed on that particular list.

If you insist on seeing a *partial* list, I can email you a copy of my Excel spreadsheet that's got my entire 3000+ volume library on it. I've gotten lazy about updating it, so it's missing everything I've bought in the last 2 years or so. It also doesn't list books I've borrowed from libraries or friends, just the ones I own.

So, for those who are concerned... ;-)

I've read everything by Robert Heinlein that's been published. Most of them I've reread numerous times.

I've read everything Robert Jordan (WOT) has written, except for his latest. Since he takes so gotdam long to crank out a new book, I'm debating how many volumes out of his 1st 10 I'm going to go back and re-read just to get in the mood to tackle Knife of Dreams. A paperback copy is sitting on top of my MacTV at the moment, and Rockhauler's hardback copy is on my subwoofer buried by 3 dozen other hardbacks, hence the need for the paperback copy.

Yes, I've read most of Asimov, Asprin, Bradbury, Bear, Bova, Brin, Cherryh, Clark, Dick, Dickson, Ellison, Farmer, Foster, Gibson, Lovecraft, McCaffrey, Martin, Niven, Norton, Robinson, Silverberg, Sturgeon, Varley, Verne and Wells.

That's just the science fiction... I won't even list the mysteries, the fantasy fiction, the spy novels, the war novels, the potboilers, the trashy fiction, the comic novels, the biographies, the cookery books, the acres and acres of non-fiction, the... the... the... I've sprung something loose here...

Look, you didn't think I'd acquired my unique rotundity by years of exercise and physical activity, did you? My favorite place to be is horizontal on a bed or a couch, fan blowing on me and a tall glass of iced tea within reach, and be about 1/3 of the way into a good book. I've probably spent 33 of my almost 39 years doing exactly that.

Your favorite author may not be one on that list, but it never hurts to ask! My email addy's on the sidebar!