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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Odds & Ends

No Rant Today, Just Random Hedgehoggery...

Ice is nice. I like having ice around in order that my drinks will be frosty cold, and not tepid and nasty. So, I dump the icetrays in the office breakroom fridge once a day, refill them, and help myself to some of the frozen goodness. Lately, some asshat has begun taking all the ice and leaving empty trays for me to find. I'm gonna catch this goon, and give him a reason to need icepacks...

BTW, have I mentioned how envious I am of Dash & Christina's built-in icemaker? It turns out these cute little mushroom-shaped cubes by the bucketful, and has the most amusing ice scoop tucked right inside the door. I want, I want, I want!

Warm weather has emboldened the local sewer rat population to leave the comfort of the underground parking garage and seek water and food amongst the two-legged beings that share the structure. If we could just carry a .22 pistol, this wouldn't be a big problem, but The Man insists we deal with them via harsh language and disapproving looks.

To my special guest from Sugarland, who's been using a Mac running OSX and Safari on a Roadrunner hookup to tear through my archives for the last three weeks... Drop me an email! You obviously like the material, so come out of your shell and introduce yourself!

Anybody know of a Sopranos-watching event in a Houston-area watering hole this Sunday night for the series finale? I'm usually the solitary TV watcher, but for this occasion it might be fun to slurp some Scotch and nibble on some "gabbagool" with a crowd.

I'll sit here and huff and puff into a kleenex, and not dislodge anything from the sinuses, in spite of them feeling like they're full up. Then, 2 minutes later, a exhale of exasperation at an email dislodges a slug-sized booger that divebombs out a nostril and lands on my shirt. I'm gonna take these gumdrop-sized antibiotic pills I've got and jam 'em up my nose where they'll at least prevent that from happening again...

Little Caesar's pizza really blows. Pay the extra $4 per pie and get something edible. Yeeks, I'm still belching from last night's abomination.

Speaking of abominations, I'm *so* disappointed with the Pierce Brosnan/Liam Neeson western/revenge flick called 'Seraphim Falls'. Started out OK, but the characters made one irrational decision after another (poor writing, lack of writer's understanding of time period and outdoor skills) Then the writers got all artsy-fartsy with it, and the flick turned into some sophomoric morality play. Lame beyond belief at the end. C'mon, Sparky! "Louise C. Fair" for Angelica Huston's character?? Did you think no one saw 'Angel Heart' back in the 80's? Weak weak weak...

Other movies I've seen lately:
Letters From Iwo Jima - Quite good!
Smokin' Aces - Quite bad!
The Good Shepherd - Had its moments. A bit too long, IMHO.