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Friday, February 20, 2009

Anybody Know How To Hijack A Truck?

"If The Oceans Were Whiskey And I Was A Duck,
I'd Dive To The Bottom And Never Come Up!"

Just got a call from Rockhauler. He's taking a break from hauling rocks to help out with some local overflow. He wanted to brighten my day by letting me know that he's hauling a truckload of Maker's Mark bourbon to a liquor wholesaler's warehouse.

No shit... an entire shipping container of that wondrous nectar of the gods.

Let's see... Two pallets wide by 10 deep in a container. Probably stacked 5 cases high on the pallet. 6 cases per layer seems about right. With twelve 750 ml bottles per case, that comes to 360 bottles per pallet, or 7200 bottles in the container. 5400 liters. 1426.5 gallons.

Good gracious. Almost 1500 gallons of delicious Maker's Mark bourbon.

Where's my ski mask & duct tape???