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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where's El Capitan?

Don't Give Your Sweetie VD On Valentine's Day!

Not a lot of posting this week. Things are a bit bizarre at work. I've been out on the road most of last week, and it's thrown me off my usual routine.

I keep hoping there'll be a slowdown for a week or so, but we just got word that one of The Man's larger departments is mandating some behavioral training ASAP, so the roadshow will continue, it seems.

Far be it from me to dictate how you run your department, but it seems to me spending a week focusing on the problem cases instead of subjecting 3500 people to 2 hours of Powerpoint Hell over the span of the next 12 weeks would be more efficient.

Whoops, there I go again, using logic and rational thought. I should know by now that sort of thing isn't allowed by The Man...