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Friday, March 13, 2009

Emerald Eyes

Actually, I Kinda Like Dark Eyes Myself.

I saw something quite frightening last night. I mean, not the piss yourself and shiver in the corner frightening, just the a bit of creep-inducing uneasiness.

This lady I met at a meeting for one of The Man's cabals was wearing colored contacts, and the effect it had on me, while striking, was probably not what she intended.

They were contacts of an impossibly bright green. They looked kind of like this:

I'm sure she wanted to be seen as exotic and mysterious. I didn't get that.

This is what I saw:

So, just a word to the wise. When you get those new contacts, put them in, then go have sex with your husband or boyfriend afterward. If you feel an urge to kill him, or if he's in deadly fear for his life, maybe you should send the contacts back and get a different color...