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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last PhotoShop of 2009

Special Requests Done By Appointment Only!

2009 was the year of the Photoshopped Blogger at Baboon Pirates.

There was fine art with Jimbo & GuyK, we had a nice mall scene with Eric the SWG & a zombie horde, an episode involving Elisson carving a cow, and an interlude with Erica and her harem.

There was also Leslie & Elisson as Royal Guards for Emperor GuyK, and the memorable boat trip with Yabu, a jar of white lightning and some crocs. The icing on the cake was the Blowneyed Nativity scene, which got me a holiday Cripplelanche after Denny linked it.

Y'all have been really good sports about my repeated Photoshop assaults on your likenesses. Special kudos to Elisson, Jimbo and GuyK for not going after me with a cattle prod for repeated appearances. Seriously, guys, if I didn't like y'all so much, I wouldn't make the effort. Kinda like that weird uncle that always gives you the Dutch rubs, noogies and purple nurples...

For the last one of the year, I'll introduce my friend Zibig. We've known each other almost 30 years, so I know he'll let me get away with this.


Professor Zibigniew Koznovalski demonstrates his newfangled Hamster Electrification Device

(Click Pic To Embiggificate)