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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Dad Turns 74!

Tales From Casa De Capitan

I'm heading out after work to meet my parents and sister & her kids for dinner. Dad is celebrating his 74th spin around the sun.

One of the benefits of having grandmothers that were obsessive geneaologists is that we've got a good record of both sides of the family going back to the Stone Age.

OK, maybe not quite that far, but Grandma Annabel (Dad's mom) took a trip over to England way back when, and she got a good solid line on our forebears all the way to the time when some of the family backed Harry the Saxon against others of my kinfolk backing some interloping Norman named William over some swampland in Sussex. The rest of the crew were still brewing uisge beatha out of barley and peat moss and painting themselves blue north of Hadrian's Wall.

My long-belabored point is... we've got the birth and death dates of a goodly number of my ancestors. As it turns out, with this birthday, Dad is now the longest-lived male in his family going back 7 generations.

It's good to know that our recommended expiration date for males is now going past the 65 year mark that's been the usual cut-off date. Dad's still in pretty good health, and with the addition of grandkids to the family, he's doing all he can to live right and stick around for a while longer.

That, IMHO, is a good thing. Happy Birthday, Dad! Many more to you!