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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Doctah! Ain't There Nothin' I Can Take?

It Puts The Lime In The Coconut Or It Gets The Hose Again...

OK, y'all remember that squirrel/coconut gizmo I built recently?

Turns out that coconut acts as a squirrel repellent. I never saw a squirrel near the nuts, and when I checked for signs of gnawage 4 days later, the coconuts had gone all moldy and rank. Back to the drawing board...

So, I had a coconut left over. It's still sitting here on my desk. I got to looking for coconut recipes, and found out that what I really needed was a green coconut, not a "ripe" brown one.

One trip to the Asian market, and I had a green coconut. It took a while to peel off the husk, and I had a slightly damp nut. I hacked inside with a cleaver, hoping to sample the gooey interior, but it was an older green coconut, and the meat was past the goo stage, and mostly solid. Kinda like the consistency of a fruit roll-up, just thicker and moister.

So, as a late night snack, I ate a few bites, and wasn't real impressed. The coconut water was good, but the meat was just barely edible, IMHO.

There was a significant side effect, however. Y'know how all the hippies kept trying to smoke banana peels to get high? They shoulda just eaten green coconut. I had some serious technicolor adventures in Dreamland. It was like the world's biggest blogmeet that kept morphing into a trip-hop version of 'Porgy & Bess', and I'm pretty sure that was Jimbo playing Crown, and Eric The Blade was Sportin' Life. Denny & Walrilla kept squabbling over who should play Porgy, and Vman's fuckmonkey was Bess.

I ain't never eatin' green coconut at bedtime again...