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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cigars & Skeeters

Bloodsucking Bastard Insects!

Another fine Texan evening. Good cigar, balmy breeze, bunches of bats flitting about & scooping up insects in the fading light. It was marred only by a cloud of mosquitoes that attacked just after the sun set.

Talked with my friends Zibig & Rockhauler on the phone while burning the stogie, which was a blessing. One of my dotty neighbors was regaling me with tales of Branson, Missouri, and due to her being deaf as a post, it was mostly a one-way conversation. Fortunately, the phone call sent her scurrying home, and I could continue puffing my cigar without blowing smoke in her direction.

I can heartily recommend Kinky Friedman's brand of cigars. So far I've tried the KinkyCristo, the Texas Jewboy and the Big Richard. I've got the Utopian and the Willie in my humidor, but I've yet to find the Governor or the Kinkster in the local shops. For fans of a long, skinny Lonsdale-type cigar, they also have one called the Kinky Lady, but I prefer my cigars in the 50-54 ring gauge range.

So far the Big Richard is the best of the bunch. I burned one last night on Poker Night up at the Cisco Kid's house, and was quite impressed with the easy draw & solid construction. I doubt I'll smoke the Big Richard very often. It's a bit pricy to be a frequent choice.

Drop me a line if you have trouble finding the Kinkster's stogies in your neck of the woods. We can work something out, and there's mail order as well.