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Thursday, June 24, 2010

If You Have To Ask, You Can't Afford It!

No Blue Light Specials For The Holy Grail...

This bit of history caught my eye this afternoon:

(Click pic for full size)

It's a Colt Texas Paterson with the ├╝ber-rare 9" barrel. There were 1000 or so of the Texas Patersons produced by Colt, many sold to the Republic of Texas and carried by the early Rangers.

What caught my eye was the "Price Upon Request" notation. This is a seriously high-dollar revolver. By comparison, a 4" barreled Texas Paterson is being sold at Collector's Firearms for the bargain price of $139,500. Plus tax. (Another $11508.75)

Half a mil? Maybe. Probably somewhere between $250k & $350k, though.

I will NOT be going in this weekend to put it on layaway, in case you're wondering...

UPDATE: I went by Collector's today to check out a rifle, and inquired about the Texas Paterson. They had it listed with a ticket price of $289,000, but sold it for $200,000 cash.