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Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Day Which Will Live In Infamy...

Another Scofflaw Off The Books

After 3+ years of dodging cops (and getting ticketed twice and 3 warnings) my ride is finally legal.

There was a electrical problem affecting my hazards & turn signals. You'd replace the relay, and within 30 minutes, you'd turn on the flasher, hear a 'TICK TICK TICK BBBBZZZZT!!' and that would be all she wrote.

After having half a dozen $80 relays fritz out, I had the steering column and all the clickety things housed within replaced with a "preowned" column. This also fixed the blown-out bearing in the column that caused the steering wheel to wobble, and the possibility of having the steering wheel remove itself from the column while in motion has been corrected.

I'm completely destitute for another 2 weeks, but the truck has its proper pedigree, at least until the registration comes due in November.

I might get around to paying it sometime next summer...