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Monday, June 14, 2010


Here We Go Again...

Truck's in the shop again. Naturally, this occurs just after the checks have gone out for rent, insurance, prescription drug refills and gas card payment, and before this Friday's paycheck.

Looks like I'll be getting reacquainted with riding METRO...

UPDATE: D'OH!!!! Looking at just shy of $1200 to get everything back in order. Major ball o' suckage, but this'll fix the intermittent electrical eff-ups that have been burning out the turn signal relays and keeping me from having the truck pass inspection. Oh, it should be done by tomorrow afternoon, they're also doing the TX State inspection (which it hasn't had since 2006) and also let me pay 2/3 of the bill on Friday when I get paid.

So, obligatory plug - Take your car to Scott's Auto Repair! This is the same crew that got me in & out in a flash last fall when the truck gimped itself on the freeway entrance ramp as I was leaving for the Hysterics at Eric's.