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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Online Gun Show!

A Gift From John Moses Browning (Peace Be Upon Him)!

Here's the latest "MUST HAVE!!" for sale over at Collector's Firearms.

Usually, Browning Hi-Powers and I are not a good fit. The long hammer spur and my beefy hands too often meet at the moment of recoil, and result in bloody gouges known as 'hammer bite'.

Fortunately, my hands are getting slimmer, and this one's got a rounded hammer! So, if $3000 falls out of the sky this afternoon, I'll drop by and play 'Let's Make A Deal'.

Wow, what a beauty! Deep relief engraving, French Gray finish, and buffalo horn grips! The tangent sight and the slot for a shoulder stock are just the icing on the cake. I'd like to see someone take the hardware off an old beater stock, and replace the original wood with $2000 worth of Circassian walnut polished to a high gloss. It won't make the gun that much more accurate, but it sure would look nice!

(Click Pics for Tasty Closeup Goodness!)

UPDATE: There's a nice action shot of someone shooting a stocked Hi-Power over at Oleg Volk's site. Go check it out!