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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Adventures In Woodworking

Here's a few pics taken here & there.

Mostly here...


The new fence:

Looks like a fence, but it's a hidden gate.

Behind the greenwood door... a hidey-hole for heavy trash awaiting pickup, wheelbarrows, dead bodies, etc.

It might be re-sodded, paving stone laid down, or maybe graveled. Maybe it'll just get painted green...

The back swings open to wheel the bins to the street.

Gonna have to till the soil and replant everything along the fenceline. No more %$#*&!*% cannas, though!!


Pic taken at an unnamed facility of The Man.

Some a-hole couldn't be bothered to relocate the bench to a more useful spot.
Can't stand sit in the way of progress! It's the Houston Way!!


With the fence complete, the next project is the hall bathroom. The tub goes, in its place will be a tiled-in shower with a bench along the back wall.

It's gonna be one $%&*#(@ long Thanksgiving weekend...