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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Rocket's Red Glare

Turning $$ Into Smoke, Light & Noise!

Just a quick note on the New Year's Eve fiesta...

The Cisco Kid threw the party at Casa del Poker, and had big pots of red beans & rice & gumbo, as well as a bucket of boiled shrimp. So, you can safely assume the diet took a hit that evening...

All those skyrockets I bought in Tennessee flew up into the great beyond, along with these bad-ass mortars supplied by CK. I've definitely decided to go for quality over quantity next year. Bigger is definitely better, and hundreds of little rockets don't quite have the impact of giant star shells!

I brewed up some confetti rounds to launch out of the 12 gauge shotgun. Everyone gets so hot & bothered about shooting guns in the air on New Year's Eve, (and rightly so), but if you can make the bang without the falling bullets, why not?

They worked, but without a shell reloading press to crimp the rounds tightly, they fizzed and puffed more than they banged, and the confetti mostly got lost up in the dark sky. Ah, well. Back to the drawing board...

Saturday was a trip to the gun show with CK, and I got some supplies for Project EBR. Project EBR is one of my New Year's Resolutions that I'll actually keep! I'll unveil that bundle of joy sometime later this year.

Sunday was supposed to be spent cleaning out the garage, but plans were changed, and a trip to the bookstore and a cigar lounge for football viewing was substituted instead. Not quite as productive, but infinitely more enjoyable!!

Hope y'all had a good start to 2011!!