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Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Old Family Photos

I've Got Two Big Buckets Of Them!!

More from the recently scanned collection...

This one's kind of fun. I'd like to say that we're all going to the Ozzy concert, but given that it's probably Xmas 1971 in that photo, Ozzy's still singing with Black Sabbath.

The collective 'Hook 'Em Horns' is probably the influence of Uncle Bill, wearing the burnt orange UTexas shirt. Grandma went to TCU, Mom went to TWU, and I'm pretty sure Aunt Karen was a Cornhusker, so that explains their non-participation!

Oh, yeah. The adorable toddler on the back of the couch is yours truly.

I'd call this pair of photos a "Then & Now" series, but the "Now" was really 39 years ago. That's Dad on his hobbyhorse circa 1938, and me & my sister on mine in 1973.

Man, I rode the hell out of that horse... I'm surprised the springs didn't wear out given how many hours I bounced on that poor thing!