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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Office Cleaning

Ever Seen A 7 Year Old Packet Of Ketchup??

Anybody want a box of 15 year old printer labels?

How about 40 lbs of assorted bookbinding hardware?

I've even got a stack of floppy disks two feet high full of WordPerfect, Lotus and something with a .wk1 file name.

It's amazing how much crap you can gather up in 7 years, not to mention the crap the 2 previous occupants of your position have bequeathed you.

I looked up the requirements for document retention. If it's not actively involved in some form of litigation, it can be shitcanned after 3 years. We ain't got no lawsuits at the moment, so if there's a date earlier than July 2008 anywhere on it, it's getting pitched.

Wish I could burn all this stuff. I'd have enough fuel to roast a brotosaurus...