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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dying With Style

Tons And Tons Of Gunny Fun!

I've never been shy about my desire to bring back duelling as a means of dispute resolution. As I mentioned long ago, people would be a lot more polite if they risked getting a yard of steel through their brisket for mouthing off in public. A fifty-six caliber lead ball works just as well!

Alas, changing public mores and an inability to keep the riffraff off the field of honor has left the traditional "grass before breakfast" in the distant past, and the employment of lawyers as the only acceptable means of redress.

Still, it gave my heart a happy hoppity-skippity to see this beautiful set of duelling pistols appear on the Collector's Firearms website:

Belgian manufacture, exquisite woodworking, damascus steel barrels, and those lovely German silver triggerguards! A bargain at $7,950! Kinda makes you want to call someone's sister a filthy whore in order to give 'em a try!

My only gripe is the rifled barrels. I'd prefer smoothbore, as that slight element of chance adds to the suspense of the duel...

As long as you're on their website, be sure to admire this English coach gun! It's a step above the usual highwayman repellent, with a shapely stock and very nice brass furniture.

Wish I could afford the $3,975 tariff. It would be just the thing to give to the giant eunuch guarding the Baboon Pirate harem. A "cooch" gun, as it were...