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Saturday, April 14, 2012

This Post Has To Last Five Days!!

You Can Always Re-read My Archives!

OK, friends and neighbors, this will have to hold you until the middle of next week. I've got the Texas Cigar Festival today, then it's my nephew Sammy's 7th birthday (SEVENTH!!! ZOMG!!!!), then I'm up in Austin on a business conference for a few days.

I'll have the not-so-stupid phone with me, so I'll be able to check in, but posting might be slim-to-none.

OK, get out that checkbook and prepare for Buy A Gun Day!!

You did remember Buy A Gun Day, right? You take that cash that you loaned Uncle Sugar last year, and plunk it down on something shooty!

Here's a couple of investment opportunities from Collector's Firearms for the One Percenters out there. I saw these, and I might have jizzed my drawers just a little bit...

First: A Jen-Yu-Wine piece of Texas History!!

A Company Colt Walker - #45. All matching serial #s. Part of comedian Buddy Hackett's collection, and displayed at the 2003 Texas Gun Collectors Showing of the famous "Parade of Walkers". Solid provenance!

Second: For those who enjoy converting money into noise!

Browning 1917 Machine Gun. A water-cooled MG, which comes with four barrels, two .308, one 8mm, and one .30-06. Also comes with ammo cans, belts, belt loader, water can, and hose. With enough ammo, you could tunnel through a mountain!

Class III item, so be prepared for the transfer tax and the ATF proctological exam to get OK'ed for it.

OK, the tariff is a bit high on the first two. Here's a bargain!

Just $295 for a sweet Remington 870 Wingmaster, in the manly and effective gauge of 12!! Rock-solid dependable, and good for decades of service out in the marshes and fields.

Plus, if the fit hits the shan, all you need is a hacksaw, a small file and some emery paper to modify it for urban hunting!