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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Desperation Advertising

How To Misjudge Your Target Audience

eBay, you need to chill the f#&k out...

In an effort to get you to spend more money, most of your online retailers will track what you've looked at and what you've ordered, and use that information to promote similar items.

Sometimes they get it right. I don't know how many times I've taken a flyer on a novel that Amazon recommended, and enjoyed the book.

OTOH, sometimes the algorithm is very VERY flawed.

F'rinstance, last week El Capitan ordered some underwear on eBay. Nothing fancy. Just some plain ol' tighty-whities.

Tuesday morning, look what is awaiting him in the "Recommendations" section:

Um.... No. Not only no, but HELL NO!! I can't even imagine trying to squeeze Mr. Happy and the twins into that $10 thong. Be like trying to stuff a woodchuck into a tube sock...

Besides, you ever seen a fat man in a banana-hammock? It'll take years off your life, I'm tellin' ya!!