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Friday, June 22, 2012

Physician Phriday

And Thospital Thoisday...

Ugh. Two whole days of doctors.

My semiannual checkups at the General Practitioner (actually an Internist) and the Cardiologist happened to occur on two consecutive days. Since both usually involve protracted sessions of waiting room waiting and exam room sitting, I went ahead and scheduled two days off so I wouldn't be in any hurry to get back to work.

The Cardio visit on Thursday I usually wouldn't mind so much, except it's at the Memorial City hospital professional building, which means it's as crowded as Calcutta. Parking usually involves hiking several blocks in 99 degree heat. This makes El Capitan very, very angry, which in turn raises El Cap's blood pressure and occasionally makes his ticker go pitty-pat in odd (but mostly benign) ways, neither of which is advisable just before an exam.

Anyway, part of the taking a day off strategy was giving myself enough time to relax & cool down before they hooked me up to all the wires and the Machine That Goes *Ping*.

Besides, the EKG nurse is a smokin' hottie. You just hate to be a sweaty wreck while she's roaming around your carcass.

Today at the GP's was more of the same. I wasn't lucky enough in the random nurse draw to get the cat-eyed redhead. Man, she's a cutie, even if she's barely old enough to vote. She can stick me with needles all day long...

Overall, things look as good as they can for a mostly sedentary 43 year old fat guy. Several years back, my doc started throwing medication at my blood sugar right before it crept up into diabetic levels, and as a result I haven't progressed into full-on Type 2 diabetes, & managed to lower everything down into the safe zone. My pancreas is no longer trying to self-destruct, and that keeps me off the blood-testing/insulin roller coaster ride.

Of course, losing more weight would help, but LOLA skipped town a while back, and we're not currently on speaking terms.

So, by the numbers:

BP 128/74
A1C - 5.9
Cholesterol - 189
HDL - 60
LDL - 109
Glucose - 98

It's a notch or two higher than 6 months ago, but that's consistent with eating prepackaged crap instead of rabbit food. Sigh. Back to the salads, I suppose...