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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Flotsam & Jetsam

All The Gnus That Shits In A Tent

Just some random thoughts and observations...

I stopped at a light next to a woman who was busily slapping on foundation, powder and assorted other makeup items.  Poor gal had eyebrows like woolybear caterpillars and a nose like Jimmy Durante.  I was sorely tempted to tap my horn, lean out and say "It's not helping!!", but I held my peace.

I did indeed purchase a case of Maker's Mark bourbon.  I alluded to it on Facebook, but I'll have to remember to snap a pic or two of the haul.  It's a stirring sight, 12 bottles of golden elixir lined up on the counter.  In truth, they're going back in the box and getting squirreled away in a deep dark closet.  Hopefully, Maker's Mark will discontinue the 84 proof experiment and go back to 90 proof in a year or so.  If not, I'm good for a while.  I may go get another case out of my next paycheck, too.

I did not watch the SCOAMF-in-chief deliver the SOTU speech last night, choosing instead to watch an episode or two of HBO's 'Deadwood'.  I figured the amount of times I heard "cocksucker" would be at least half of the number if times I'd say it if I had to watch The One read off the teleprompter for an hour.

I still have not shot the Mauser Broomhandle.  I keep meaning to order some powderpuff 9mm  loads online, but it keeps slipping my mind.

Wendy's has quite the tasty grilled chicken sandwich.  The only other fast food GCS that comes close is the Chick-Fil-A grilled chicken club, and that one has about 200 more calories per sammich.  I'm afeared to learn that the reason it's so moist and tender is that it's been injected with 30% salt water solution at the plant...

More truck troubles?  I sure hope not.  I keep smelling hot coolant, but the fluid levels all check out, and it's not running hot.  No leakage around any of the gaskets, hoses or on the pavement.  It had better not be the heater core behind the dash rotting out.  That's one expensive mofo to fix.