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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hammer Update

I'd Hammer In The Morning!  I'd Hammer In The Evening!

OK, here's where we are on the war hammer quest:

There were a couple of great suggestions in the comments about the type of hammer to select.  I had no idea there was such an oddball selection of hammers available, but it appears there's at least as many varieties as there are screwdriver tips.  Maybe more...

Og of Neanderpundit suggested a spike maul or a backing out hammer.  The first is for bashing railroad spikes into sleepers, the second for driving pins or rivets out of snug holes.

The spike maul looks a bit heavy for extended zombie-smacking, and the backing-out hammer's handle looks a bit short, but I LOVE the long extended striking surface.  Another good candidate for re-handling with a longer helve.

Similar to the spike maul on a smaller scale is the electrician's hammer.  It's got the extended head for reaching deep into junction boxes to drive nails.  Haven't found one with a handle longer than 16 inches, though...

Another suggestion was for a Rex Tool.  This would be more in the wrecking bar family, like the Stanley FUBAR or the fireman's Halligan Tool.  Mostly, they're too heavy and hard to use one-handed.  They do make Halligan tools in titanium, but you best have a thick wad of cash handy.

Another suggestion was for an ice axe.  They look nasty, but they're a bit lightweight, and I wonder about their long-term durability.

Halfway between a wrecking bar and a battleaxe is a gizmo called a Fireman's Tool.  The same company also makes something called a Trucker's Friend, and they do look pretty lethal.  Unfortunately, they're out of stock on both, and there's no word on if and when they're resuming production.

One that looks all kinds of fun is a rare bird called a slating hammer.  Used for shaping and installing slate roofing tiles, it's just about perfect except for the short handle and the nail puller on the side.

I think I have a winner, though!  From a company called Dead On, it's a framing hammer with the longest handle I've yet seen.  At 24 ounces, it's just about perfect for plowing through a herd of the undead with minimal muscle strain!

I give you, the Dead On Undead Re-Deadifier!!

Found one for $40 + S&H on eBay.  Should be here by Monday!!!