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Monday, January 07, 2013

How To F#&% Up A 1911A1

Put Down The Engraver And Walk Away!!!

Man, this goes so far beyond WECSOG or Bubba gunsmithing, it's not funny...

With Bubba, at least there's a purpose for the horrible gunsmithery.  This is nothing but bad taste.  Might as well be gold plated with tiger stripes.  Yeesh.

Anyway, remember Ferrari Man?  The dude that showed up at the gun range not only in a Ferrari, but completely decked out head to foot in Ferrari gear?

Looks like he's selling his custom 1911 pistol at Collector's Firearms:
Colt Government .45 ACP caliber pistol. One of a kind "Ferrari" Colt 1911. Customized by the Gun Smoke shop in Colorado that is featured on the show American Guns. Very neat gun that has a slim down frame, textured front and back strap as well as textured small parts. Trijicon tactical night sights have been added. The slide has been engraved with the Ferrari name and logo. Custom grips with the Ferrari name and logo equip this piece. Truly a one of a kind "Ferrari" gun!
All this awesomeness can be yours for only $6950!!