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Friday, December 21, 2012

Bah. Humbug.

F#&% You, And The Reindeer You Rode In On!!

Not a great week, campers.  Usually the week before Xmas is a time of joy and happiness.

This year, not so much.

Just got off a conference call with some bean counters and circuit punchers.  What kind of heartless f#&% schedules a conference call for 3 pm the Friday before a holiday?

Oh, that might have been me.  Heh...

My friend Lynn died this week.  Complications of a brain tumor.  I'm so completely bummed about it.  Of all the nice people in the world, she was in the top 2%.  The only plus side is that if there is a Heaven, she had an Admiral's Club pass at the airport, and a First Class ride to the hereafter with an E-Ticket waiting for her at the Pearly Gates.

Lynn and her husband Dave were some of my first "adult" friends.  That is, friends made post-college, and no connection to my dope-smoking, keg-draining college days.  I was doing some serious transitions from rowdy kid to "responsible adult" (ask me how well that worked out) and they provided friendship at a time I really needed it.

Millions and millions of useless pissheads out there and she gets the tumor.  It just ain't fair...

Let's see... Another friend allegedly became persona non grata in a certain banana republic, and was either deported or dumped across a border.  Dude, you know who you are.  CALL HOME!!  YOUR MOM IS FRANTIC!!!

So, there's that to worry about, too.

The NRA continues to beclown itself on a national scale.  I think half the problem is a spokeperson named Wayne LaPierre.  He's spent so much time posturing and bloviating to get past being named "Wayne LaPierre", the message gets lost in the bluster.

Next time, just hire a guy named Buck Turgidson and be done with it...

I think tonight will be devoted to tying one on.  I'll pick up a 12 pack of something dark & lagery and Mexican, along with a fifth of some kind of bourbon and kiss this kidneystone of a year goodbye.

Have a better one, y'all!