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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slices Of Life

Odds & Ends From H-Town

My Hambone Brings All The Cats To The Yard

Despite a double-wrap of plastic bags and a burial in the garbage can, I came outside this morning to find four cats gnawing on the hambone I'd used to flavor the pot of beans yesterday.  Looked like a pride of suburban lions laying around a defunct wildebeest, each with their tail pointed on a separate compass point.

I imagine it took a raccoon or two to haul the bone out of the can.  No telling who else got their gnaw on before the sun came up. I'll let 'em have another day before I try to throw it away again.

Pepsi Kills Keyboards

Well, it's official.  The Apple Pro keyboard is deader than fried chicken.   Using your keyboard as a makeshift snack tray and crumb catcher for a few years is not the best idea, especially when you cap off the abuse by dumping about 6 ounces of ice-cold Pepsi Max into the keys.

It's pretty much phuct.  Some keys don't repeat, others won't stop repeating.  Luckily, it's a multi-Mac household, and I've always got a spare or two.

Christmas Cash

You know how to do one-stop shopping?  Head to the bank and pull some cash out of the ATM.  You want to bitch about me not putting thought into your gift?  I'll take half of it back...

Browser Obsolescence

Just about any website that links to Facebook or Google Syndicate is causing my browser to lock up and require a force quit.  Out of 20-30 websites I visit nightly, I'm down to about 6 that won't freeze my crypto-Mac.   Damn, I do not want to get a new Mac...