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Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Word For The Cheese-Dic

Always Steal Borrow From The Best!

Got to thinking this morning about a word that ought to be in the dictionary, but isn't.

As it happens, Elisson does an ongoing feature called "The Cheese Aisle Dictionary",

So, here goes:

Fartspatter -   noun -  \ˈfärtˈspa-tər\

1:  Unwanted side effect of flatus whilst urinating in a state of nekkidness.   What should end up as a skivvie-skidmark instead speckles the shower curtain.

2: Excess work for employees generated due to the rantings of minor-level elected officials (City Council, Aldermen, etc.) in an effort to increase their stature. 

"When Councilman Anders started pounding on the desk and demanding answers, the records clerks knew they'd be in the office until the wee hours cleaning up the fartspatter."