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Thursday, December 06, 2012

It Doesn't Work Quite Like That...

Fun & Games In The Man's Domain

Aside from the odd traffic accident, I can't honestly remember ever hoping for the police to hurry up and get here.

Until today...

Apparently Little Miss Princess Know-It-All over in the {REDACTED} department has been a bit too prolific with her checkbook, and a little too unconcerned about the available balance in the account.

Word traveled down the pike that there were hot check warrants issued for LMPK-I-A, and the gendarmes chose this week to round people up and take them to the hoosegow.

I get a call from a frantic manager, wondering what she should do when and if the long arm of the law stretched out for LMPK-I-A, who reports to her.  LMPK-I-A has apparently been telling co-workers about the warrants, and knows she's being sought out.

"Why?" asks I.  "You're not planning on hiding her in a closet, are you?"

"No," sez she.  "LMPK-I-A has been telling everyone that since we all work for The Man, the police can't arrest her in the workplace.  Is this true?"

*CUT TO:*   El Capitan, laughing fit to bust a gut, trying to stay upright.

"This ain't Holy Ground, Ms. Manager," sez I.  "If they want her, she can't claim Sanctuary.  Nope, just call her up to the front desk if and when they arrive, then stand back and document the shit out of what happens next."

"What do you think will happen?" asks she.

"Well, with any luck, someone that ignunt will resist arrest, and they'll taser the stuffing out of her, then apply some pepper spray for good measure."

Damn, if I wasn't up to my eyebrows in moving boxes and junk, I'd go see the show myself.

C'mon, Johnny Law!  Get here quicker!!